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Eczema Clothing Backed By Research

in 2021, SkinAkin was awarded support from the U.K.'s leading Innovation Agency, Innovate UK, to accelerate product development on the Onesie Project.  This investment enabled in-depth design and materials research, testing, and prototyping of the range.  Scientific methods (build, measure, learn) have been adopted at every step of development. 

As well as objective research and analysis, SkinAkin have involved the people that need this product range the most, children with eczema and their parents.  Surveys, in-depth interviews, wearer trials, and follow ups with children, took place over a 4 month period, with families who trialled the suit.  The analysis showed that 90% of parents agreed that the Onesie helped defend the skin from scratching and improve sleep [1].  As a result of this highly positive outcome, SkinAkin has went on to engage in externally led  trials within the clinical setting, in order to gather more in-depth data on the impact over time.     SkinAkin has sought advice from Dermatologists throughout the development of this range from concept to product, following National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) Guidelines for the treatment of Eczema.   In 2022, SkinAkin was awarded a Silver Innovation Award from the Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland, in further recognition of the Onesie Project.

Itch Relief Eczema Relief Suit
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