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Welcome to SkinAkin: A new range of award winning Eczema Friendly Clothing for Children

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

SkinAkin, a new Northern Ireland based health and well-being company, has launched with its new eczema friendly clothing range for Children.

The main challenge of eczema is unbearable scratching which often gets worse at night. Night-time scratching affects both parent and child and it is estimated that 60-80% of children with eczema have disturbed sleep patterns. This has a major knock-on effect in terms of energy levels, mood, and behaviour.

SkinAkin Ezcema friendly Clothing

To help ease this problem, the company has launched their ‘Skinakin Onesie’ range. The Onesies have been carefully designed to prevent access to the skin when scratching, giving the skin (and child) some much needed respite.

Skinakin won a £25k Innovate UK award (Fast Start Competition 2021) in recognition of the project and has worked with leading design, materials, and manufacturing experts across the UK, to develop it's products. The business was also awarded 'Silver Level Innovator' status from Northern Ireland's Department for the Economy, in 2022.

Innovate UK logo Skinakin won a £25k award in 2021 towards the development of their eczema friendly clothing range of eczema relief clothing.
Innovate UK £25k Award 2021

Skinakin won Silver level Innovator Award in 2021 in recognition of the design of the range of eczema friendly clothing.
Silver Level Innovator Award winner December 2021, Department for the Economy NI

Skinakin sources only natural, GOTS Organic certified and dermatologically sound eczema friendly fibres and dyes in it's clothing. With all garments and materials made in the U.K., the business is also focused on clothing that is kind to the skin and the environment.

All of SkinAkin's eczema relief clothing has been carefully designed to minimise irritation, and the line has been carefully tested with children and parents throughout its development.

Claire Brannigan, Co-Founder & CEO says: “At Skinakin, we believe children and parents coping with eczema, deserve access to much better products and services. Skinakin was inspired by the co-founding team’s own experience and frustrations, having children who suffered with eczema. We understand the impact this condition has on the child and the family. We want to help parents by offering new and innovative products and services that will help their families. We also want to empower children and make them feel better through the clothes they wear.

I’m really proud that Skinakin is creating clothing that can help families better manage this condition.

The best part of all for me, is that we have co-created this range with parents and their children. With their enthusiasm for what we are doing, and valuable insights at every step, we’ve been able to create something beneficial to the child and their parent. I want to ensure we truly meet our commitment of “Making life better for children with eczema” for every family that chooses our products.”

To Shop the SkinAkin Onesie range: click here.

To keep up to date with all of our news and updates, please follow us on our social media channels: Facebook & Instagram.

Welcome to SkinAkin; a brand championing Eczema Relief Clothing for Children | Skinakin 2022

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