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The Zip Free All-One Eczema Relief Suit


🌼Maximum protection Eczema Pyjamas 🌼


Our fully enclosed eczema suit ensures maximum body protection from scratching, greatly reducing the impact of an eczema flare. 


Our Zip Free, 'Step-In' design, ensures that determined scratchers cannot access and damage their skin (particularly at night!)  If your child is more independent check-out our zipped version.


    SkinAkin Benefits:


    🩹Soothes Irritation:  Instantly comforts skin and reduces further damage from fingernails.


    😴Promotes Sleep Quality: Enjoy nights of reduced waking and improved sleep for you and your child. 🌙


    ⏰Easy and Convenient:  Carefully designed for Speedy and Efficient Eczema Treatment. 


    🧺Reduces Laundry:  Keep Bedsheets and furnishings clean.   Creams, Ointments, or Wet Wraps are contained on the skin, where they are needed.


    🧤No need to buy extra eczema gloves or mittens that can be easily removed (especially at night!)


    🌟 Lasting Quality:  Premium Organic Cotton and durable design for long-term use and comfort.


    💰Relax with our no questions 30-day returns policy.


    🏆Try the award winning SkinAkin All-In-One Suit today.


    Eczema Pyjamas Zip Free All-In-One

    SKU: 364215376135191
    • Super smooth material, breathable, lightweight, and designed to stay close to the skin for effective treatment.


      ✅Seams and Tags Sewn to the outside prevent irritation.


      ✅Machine Washable at 60 degrees, effectively removing creams and allergens.


      ✅Made from Premium GOTS Certified Organic cotton, kind to the skin and the environment.


      ✅Made in the U.K. to reduce carbon footprint.


      ✅Award winning design innovation (Innovate UK 2021, Invest Northern Ireland 2022, NI Department for Economy 2022).

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