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Welcome toTalking Eczema:
Parent to Parent advice to help 
manage the eczema journey

Whether you're a parent seeking advice on managing your child's skin condition, or are looking for the latest insights and innovations in eczema care, this blog is your go-to resource. 


As parents of children with eczema ourselves, we know the struggle and aim to give you practical, parent-to- parent advice!      What You'll Find:


  • Expert Advice and Tips: Articles based on sound research from dermatology experts and practical advice on managing eczema.

  • Personal Stories and Testimonials:   Read inspiring stories from families who have been where you are.

  • Product Highlights and Innovations: Stay updated on the latest advancements in eczema care and discover how Skinakin's innovative products are making a difference. 

  • Events and Community Engagement: Find out about community initiatives and support networks that can provide additional resources and assistance.

  • Educational Resources: Gain a deeper understanding of eczema, its triggers, and effective management strategies. 


We invite you to explore our content, and join the conversation. Together, we can make living with eczema easier and more manageable.

Let's talk about Eczema 

Check out our blog for latest articles and research on eczema.  

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